Call for papers – „utopias of modernism“


slovensky – česky

NEUE kunstwissenschaftliche forschungen revitalizes a Viennese periodical from the 1930s, which only had two editions. Just like its predecessor, NEUE kunstwissenschaftliche forschungen dedicates itself primarily to early stage researchers.

The topic of the first issue will be:


According to Juergen Habermas, modernism processes itself through constant self-assertion. As it lacks the option to derive conventions from inherited values, modernism works only provisorily. What Habermas calls an „unfinished project“, is a substructure which constantly generates conflicts. Particularly in the field of artistic production modernism became utopian, by creating new concepts for life and society in general.

Therefore it should be asked what kind of strategies modernism developed by trying to escape itself. What kinds of modern utopias have been created during the 20th century? How long can the utopian project be traced back in the past? How does it currently find expression?

Beyond that Neue kunstwissenschaftliche forschungen welcomes off-topic-submissions from the fields of art history, visual arts and especially interdisciplinary approaches dealing with art from disciplines such as jurisprudence, economic sciences, engineering or medicine. Possible subject areas are: medieval art; modern and contemporary art; non-European, Byzantine, Austrian art and art theory.

Papers can range from 15.000 – 30.000 characters and should contain 5 images at maximum.

Texts will be published in German and English.

Papers should be submitted to not later than 31 March 2014. Submissions should include an abstract (max. 1000 characters, German and English) and a short CV.

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